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28. An interview with Eric Fawcett, drummer for Spymob and N*E*R*D

Steve is joined by Spymob and N*E*R*D legend, drummer Eric Fawcett, to discuss all things ... well, drums and N*E*R*D!

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06. Provider - N*E*R*D & Bape Pharrell giveaway

Steve and Dave discuss their latest pick-ups, N*E*R*D's Provider, rate In Search Of..., and all the info you need for the Bape Pharrell Roadsta giveaway!

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05. Rock Star & No_One Ever Really Dies feat. Brent Paschke

Our very special guest, Brent Paschke (guitarist to Pharrell), joins Steve and David to discuss N*E*R*D's Rock Star and, the new album, No_One Ever Really Dies.

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