06. Provider - N*E*R*D & Bape Pharrell giveaway

Steve and Dave discuss their latest pick-ups, N*E*R*D's Provider, rate In Search Of..., and all the info you need for the Bape Pharrell Roadsta giveaway!

Contest Tasks:

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Contest Rules:

  • Rules will be explained once and will be posted with the podcast show notes. We will not re-explain the rules (unless there are changes).
  • Tasks will be explained on the podcast. We will not post additional information about them on social media and will not re-explain them (unless there are changes). So listen, pay attention and use your common sense.
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  • If you don’t manage to complete a task, keep completing all the following ones – you will not be disqualified for missing a task.
  • The winner will be picked at random at the end of the contest. The winner will be picked from the users that have completed all, or the most, tasks (whichever is the highest) i.e. if no user completes all 5 tasks, the winner will be picked from the group of users that completed 4 tasks.
  • If a task is incorrect or incomplete it will not count towards the final number of tasks. i.e. if you complete all 5 tasks, but get one answer wrong, you will have, in effect, only completed 4 tasks.
  • Incorrect or incomplete tasks cannot be re-done after the 5 day time limit. You may resubmit tasks during the 5 day time period.
  • We refuse the right to use any submitted audio or video from users in the podcast and within audio/video promotion material which we may share via the podcast, website and social platforms.
  • If you do not wish for any audio/video submissions to be used, please send an email to otherzpodcast@gmail.comas soon as you submit the media with your details so that we can identify the media accordingly (no DMs, comments etc).
  • The prize will consist of one pair of Bape Pharrell Roadstas supplied from the personal collection of DT. One size (approx mens US 8-11). No exchanges for other colours, kicks etc.
  • Should we find the shoes on sale anywhere in the future, we refuse the right to bar the winner of the contest from future participation in giveaways and contests via any of our outlets (including personal accounts). So if you win but they’re not your size, at least be discreet if you’re going to sell them on to someone else.
  • We refuse the right to ban entry to any user, at any point, during the content (i.e. should we believe there has been cheating, asking for favours/answers from hosts or other members etc). Bans are final and can only be reversed upon agreement from both SP and DT.
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