28. An interview with Eric Fawcett, drummer for Spymob and N*E*R*D

Steve is joined by Spymob and N*E*R*D legend, drummer Eric Fawcett, to discuss all things ... well, drums and N*E*R*D!

Eric very kindly gave up his time to come and discuss a number of topics including:

  • Why he studied History Of Science and why he passed up on a PHD and a possible career in teaching to pursue his music dream

  • How he went back to basics in order to become a better drummer

  • What it takes to be a good drummer

  • Forming Sypmob

  • The tale of Brent (a "metal God in his home town", no less) joining the band

  • Linking up with The Neptunes

  • The In Search Of... sessions

  • What the fans mean to him and the music

  • Handling the pressure of performing a classic album live

  • His favourite tracks to record and play live

  • Getting the band back together! (Are you reading this Tyler?!)

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