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26. Hypnotize U - N*E*R*D feat The 6th Letter

Steve and The 6th Letter briefly discuss N*E*R*D and Daft Punk's Hypnotize U, and then get in to their thoughts on recent BBC and Hu releases, Something In The Water, and 6 tells us about his BBC IceCream favourites and grails, as well as his music.

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24. Hot N Fun - N*E*R*D feat. Nelly Furtado and feat Xavier Jones

This week Steve is joined by Xavier Jones to discuss the first single from N*E*R*D's album Nothing, Hot N Fun.

As well as the usual latest pick-ups and shout-outs, we also have a great chat about the current state of the Adidas Tennis and NMD HU's.

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17. Angel + some of our favourite Neptunes, N*E*R*D, Pharrell bridges feat. Elijah McClinton

This week Death To Heartbreaks' Elijah McClinton joins Steve to discuss Angel (from Pharrell's In My Mind album), some of their favourite bridges from The Neptunes productions/N*E*R*D/Pharrell, the new Ariana Grande album, Sweetener, and the newest Tennis and NMD HU releases from Adidas.

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