Stephen Penny (@SteveRPenny) and David Travis (@KingOfCreamz), from The Otherz Podcast (@OtherzPodcast), take a look at some rare sneakers, including the N*E*R*D Bapesta, the N*E*R*D Nike Dunk, a BBC Ice Cream made just for Gwen Stefani, a pair of unreleased checkers Ice Creams, and a 1-of-1 customised pair of Ice Creams for Kevin Booker.

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Helsinki's (Finland) version of Pharrell Williams' song Happy from Despicable Me 2 and GIRL.

Organised and produced by Stephen Penny - and

Filmed and edited by Chris Denholm

Assisted by Andrew Hallott, Maija Mäki and Jonah Denholm

Thanks to:

Ansgar at

HKI Soul dance group -

Claire Voss

Juan Carlos Moya

Alexander Wilska and Metropolia University

Mario Conforte and Julija Näaivä

Mohamed Eldishnawy

Olayemi Joshua Akinsanya

Anu Nylund and the Helsinki Guides -

Mario Conforte and Julija Näivä

Kata Valjento and Sandra Murras

Mikael Uhtio

Joseph Musso, Michelle Henrichsen, Aku Varamäki at Finnair

Helsinki Airport and Finavia

Loriana Ghita, Olivier Nouwen and Eliott Nicot

Milla Muuronen & Pauleen Chepkorir

Laura Kunnas and Bolly Beat Dancers

Racheal Ajao and Hillary Siclait

Karoliina, Loviisa, Saima, Kaisa, Sonja and Antonia

Yasmin May

Henry Morales, Vivek Kumar and Sara Martonen

Nicola, Sophie and Johanna

Joe at The Woolshed

Thanks to everyone that liked, shared, retweeted, participated, and all those who were involved in any way! #HappyInHelsinki

To watch the original videos that inspired this project, please visit and check out BBC Ice Cream (EU) and i am OTHER.